This website presents all information needed about the FOSSILPOL workflow that aims to process and standardise global palaeoecological pollen data.


The FOSSILPOL workflow has been developed during the ERC project called the Humans on Planet Earth (HOPE) team at the University of Bergen:

Suzette G.A. Flantua*, Ondrej Mottl*, Vivian Felde*, Kuber P. Bhatta*, Hilary Birks, John-Arvid Grytnes, Alistair Seddon, H. John B. Birks

* shared first authors

Project sections

The project consists of several sections:

  • A guide to the processing and standardisation of global palaeoecological data for large-scale syntheses using fossil pollen - An open-access publication in Global Ecology and Biogeography (Flantua et al. 2023)

  • FOSSILPOL workflow - A tool to process multiple fossil pollen records to create a comprehensive, standardised dataset compilation, ready for multi-record and multi-proxy analyses (coded in the R environment)

  • {RFossilpol} package - An R-package developed specifically to provide tools and functions for the FOSSILPOL workflow

  • Website - A main hub of all information about the FOSSILPOL project, including a step-by-step guide for users of FOSSILPOL with a description of the most important functions and user criteria throughout the workflow

  • Scandinavia example - A case study example of the FOSSILPOL workflow being applied to fossil pollen records from northern Europe

  • Issue tracker - Specific GitHub repository to manage all Issues detected in the FOSSILPOL workflow

  • Future updates - Overview of the future updates we plan to do on the FOSSILPOL workflow and R-package

Website pages

  • General information - Information about how to obtain, set up, and run the FOSSILPOL project

  • A step-by-step guide - Detailed information about individual steps of the data processing

  • Get in touch! - Information about the community, future updates, issue reporting, and potential collaboration

  • Other materials - Additional materials related to the FOSSILPOL project.


  • FOSSILPOL workflow: Version

  • {RFossilpol} R-package: Version

  • FOSSILPOL website: Version